In 1926 Charlie Kray was born. At the time, the East End was being hit hard by the depression. The Kray Family lived on Gorusch Street in Hackney.

Young Charlie heard many stories about fighting and boxing, and often dreamed of winning the Lonsdale Belt and be champion of the world.

Being a fighter and learning to fight was a way of life in the East End, it ran in the Kray family, so it was inevitable that Charlie would keep up tradition.

In 1932 the family moved to Stone Street, near Kingsland Road, Hackney.

When he was seven the twins were born. Everyone wanted to fuss over them.  Charlie would also push them in their stroller and felt so proud when people would lean over and admire them.

When he was growing up, he got more and more involved in sports such as football, athletics and boxing.

He played football for his High School in Scawfell Road Hackney when the team won the district finals.